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The 2 page CV is a MYTH!



The 2 page CV is a MYTH!

I wrote a LinkedIn post last week regarding a conversation I’d had with a candidate who’d recently been made redundant. Let’s just say it caused some controversy… and it’s still going.

My post read: “Spoke to the loveliest guy earlier who was made redundant at the beginning of the year and didn’t have much information on his CV. When I asked why, he said HR had told him it should only be 2 pages long. I literally face palmed. Why is this still happening?”


With the reaction I got as you can tell from the image on the right, I thought I’d expand.

First of all, who is the person who decided all those years ago that a CV is only acceptable if it’s under 2 pages? It’s one of those unspoken rules that no one really argues with. Newsflash: Dark ages!

Your CV length ‘should’ be common sense. For example, if you’ve just left University and have had 2 jobs, one of which was part time whilst studying to finance your drinking habits (no judgement), the likelihood of your CV even reaching 2 pages is rare.

If we flip that, and you’re a Senior Technical Analyst or Project Manager with 10+ year’s experience, your CV should reflect that. Employers want to know your achievements, where you’ve worked, what technologies you have experience of etc..

Just to make this clear, this doesn’t mean your CV shouldn’t be relevant! Any more than 4 or 5 pages can become tedious. Remember, if you’re applying for a job the chances are the company is receiving between 30 to sometimes 100 applicants. Therefore your CV still needs to jump out at them in the first few seconds of reading it. I’ve covered how to make your CV stand out in a separate post, found here: http://www.barclayanderson.com/make-cv-stand-crowd/

toomuchtextOne last negative of limiting your CV – they tend to look something like this on the left. Too. Much. Text.

This is probably technically 5 pages long; they’ve just condensed it into an eyesore.

I hope that in giving this subject awareness, I’ve helped at least one person realise they don’t need to confine themselves to a fake rule.

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