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5 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer

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5 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer

A topic I’ve considered a lot over the couple of years I’ve been in Recruitment, I’ve come to a personal conclusion to never accept a counter offer. Here’s my reasoning:

1.      You obviously weren’t happy in your role to be looking in the first place

If you were genuinely 100% happy in your job, why would you even want to go through the aggro of updating your CV in the first place? If you had great job satisfaction why would you be emailing those couple of agencies you’ve kept friendly with over the years? If your Manager respected your ideas, then why would you be taking valuable day’s holiday to interview? Simple as. There must be a genuine reason for that niggling feeling in the back of your head.

2.      Those promises they’re making now? The chances of them being kept are unlikely

I’ve seen it time and time again. Your Boss is panicking; everything is said in the heat of the moment – anything that will make you stay!

Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll get a couple of months of working from home 2 days a week like you wanted, but sooner or later it will be “we need you in the office today”, “why the issue?”, “no one else works from home!”

3.      Your loyalty with always be questioned from now on

Think about it – from now on you will be known as that person who wanted to leave. The chances of being trusted by your Manager are slim, and your career progression within the company (perhaps the reason why you were looking to leave in the first place!) could suffer. Why would they want to spend company resources progressing someone whose loyalty has been questioned?

4.      You think your boss suddenly values you? Think again

Who wants to deal with the disruption of a leaver? No one! Interviewing, hiring and training processes are time-consuming and expensive. Surely if this was a company that valued their employees they’d have offered you training / a promotion / career progression before now? Don’t let your ego inflate.

5.      Nothing will change

Self-explanatory. You may be earning more, but a leopard doesn’t change its spots. You might be able to afford that shiny new car now but I can almost guarantee that the problems you had before will come back. You don’t want to be regretting this 3 months down the line.

The point is this: don’t waiver on your decision once you’ve made it. You took the time to identify your reasons for leaving, so stick to your guns and get out of that comfort zone!

Side note: I do know examples of when counter-offers have worked out for some people. I just wouldn’t take that chance.

Good luck!

–         Emily

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