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5 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn

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5 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn

Over the past few years Social Media has heightened, becoming part of our everyday lives. Mostly, we use it for social reasons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But in our work lives LinkedIn is becoming an ever bigger presence.

As a Recruitment Executive, I use LinkedIn as a way to engage with my Clients and Candidates, and be on the lookout for prospective new working relationships. I browse the site everyday, so I see what makes LinkedIn profiles work well and not so well..

    1. Upload a professional profile picture

Images are ingrained in our brains; therefore having a profile picture is going jog memories and build up a picture of you in someone’s head.

This is a professional networking site, so you should have a professional looking picture, wearing what you’d wear to work. Having a glass of wine in your hand is a no no!

(Head-shots are better; it’s all about the eyes and facial engagement. Choose a non-distracting background. And smile!)

    2. Ask some colleagues, old and new, to give you a recommendation

Recommendations are social proof. What I love about them is how to me it makes someone ‘a real person’. Everything they’ve said on their profile up until that point could be absolute rubbish, but seeing an old Manager or colleague singing their praises is proof in the pudding.

I like to think of LinkedIn as the online version of your CV, and I highly recommend adding a link to your profile at the top of your CV with the rest of your contact details.

    3. Create a headline that stands out

Current title and company just doesn’t cut it these days, folks! LinkedIn does this by default, but you can change it.

Remember your name and your headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will see when they conduct a search. This is your opportunity to sell yourself, so have a think about how you want yourself to be known – just make sure it’s clear what you actually do (!)

    4. Customise your URL

Customising your URL makes it easier to add to your CV, business cards, email signatures, and everything and anything else. You’re making yourself easier to be found.

It should be simple: www.linkedin.com/in/firstlastname

    5. Be active

The more you do on LinkedIn, the more you’re putting yourself out there and have more opportunities to be viewed.

Update your status, add connections, endorse colleagues and like / comment on other people’s content.

Watch your profile views increase within hours.

Good Luck!

– Millie McCormick

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