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Agency Management

Is the process where an outsource partner takes responsibility to resource candidates and applicants for a client. The service may be based directly on the client’s site or sometimes the service can be operated at the resource partner premises.

Since 1996, Barclay Anderson have secured £300 million worth of IT contract staff for various clients as well as delivering a high quantity of permanent candidates.

As Barclay Anderson’s original core business, we are well placed to advise clients on best-practice recruitment methods as well as achieving excellent cost benefits.

How is it implemented

Like all good IT projects, Resource Management is best implemented via a lifecycle project; analysing the problem, designing the solution, testing the solution using a user acceptance programme and finally placing the service into production.

Like all good projects though, an element of change control and modification to the service are necessary to allow for changes in the Time, Cost and Quality triangle – as well as accommodating the nuances of various buying managers.

Example Solutions:

  • Multiple site, large capacity delivery solution (350 – 3000 staff)
    • Delivers major time and cost savings benefits to IT directors, business managers and programme managers
  • Long term sustained delivery of contract staff (75 – 500 staff)
    • Delivers 10% to 15% audited savings over standard internally driven resource management centres – targets IT directors and project managers
  • Proven 6-24 month programme recruitment and co-ordination (50+ staff)
    • For programme managers and directors – can work “post-programme” to benefit “business as usual” activities
  • Off-site delivery of small quantities and even single requirements
    • Utilise our massive buying power to secure staff cost effectively
  • Budget emergencies and re-negotiations with agency suppliers
    • We have re-negotiation techniques to deliver savings within 4 to 8 weeks of commission
  • Procurement Consultancy
    • Invitation to Tender, Terms & Conditions and Supplier Appointment projects
    • Supplier Measurement & re-negotiation consultancy

Barclay Anderson has grown to be a leading authority in the Vendor Management market by delivering an audited cost saving solution to clients. Our core business is primarily in delivering IT contract staff via an on-site solution using your preferred suppliers or our recommended measured industry giants. We work closely with your HR, Procurement and Senior IS Management structure to design and build a custom solution that works.

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