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Why Aren’t Recruiters Contacting You?

Are you looking for a new opportunity to progress in your career but not hearing about relevant positions?

Have you done everything you can to get your details / CV / job position out there?

Here’s some top tips to make sure you’ve covered pretty much everything:

  • Job Boards

This is a pretty obvious one. If you’re looking for a new role then the first thing you’re going to do is put your CV on the relevant sites with what you’re looking for, which includes job title, salary and location! (Jobs boards include Jobsite, CW Jobs, Monster and The IT Job Board.)

I’ve had instances where I’ve rung candidates for them to tell me they’re looking to relocate somewhere totally different but no indication of this on their CV – so make sure you’re making everything clear.

  • Applying for roles

Make sure you’re looking for latest positions regularly on Job Boards. New roles are updated every day; every hour even. So it’s important to keep checking to make sure you don’t miss out.

  • LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn account? No? Make one.

And add as much to your profile as you can! It’s pretty much the Social Media version of your CV.
LinkedIn is good because it tells you what to add in different sections, such as awards, achievements and courses you’ve been on. The icing on the cake is adding your profile onto your CV – A big plus for a Recruiter!

  • The actual CV

Ah, the imperative relevant experience in an easy to ready format. Crucial.

If you need advice in what to include in your CV, look at my CV Template to get a better understanding. You need to make sure it’s in an easy to read font and format. Showing off what you can do if you’re in a design occupation will really help your chances of being noticed, but do this with a link to your portfolio or website.

– Millie McCormick

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