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Clients Preference: Loyal Employee Vs Job Hopper

Did you know that the average person in IT under the age of 30 moves jobs every 2 years and 8 months? The major reason for the majority of people job hopping is career progression. What’s often found is a case of “dead mans shoes”; the only way to progress at their current company is…



Make Your CV Stand Out

Everyday I come to work, sit at my desk and begin to trail through the job boards, searching CV’s for the perfect candidate for the role I’m currently recruiting for. The average recruiter takes 4 seconds to decide whether your CV is worth taking a closer look at. Your CV wants to stand out in…



An Interview With An IT Recruitment Consultant

We asked Tom, one of our lovely home-grown recruitment consultants, some questions about working at an IT Recruitment agency. Starting here at 17, he’s worked really hard to get where he is today. Here’s what he had to say. Describe your career to date: Over the past 3 years I believe my career has been…



Why You Should Use A Recruiter

Some people can be a bit put off by the thought of using a Recruitment Consultancy; they think the process will be long and they could do it themselves. Well it doesn’t work quite like that. It makes your entire process of having to find a new team member so much easier – who has…



Job Interviews: What People Tend To Forget

It doesn’t take long for a potential employer to assess if you’re suitable for the job within just the first few seconds of meeting them. Presentation is everything. Three of the most common interview mistakes are lack of eye contact, inappropriate clothing, and appearing disinterested. If you act like you don’t want to be there, they’re…



The Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You

Why did you not get the job? Attitude. In the past we’ve had a candidate at a last stage interview who has gone on to criticise the company website. It turns out the guy who was interviewing him actually designed the website, which suffice to say didn’t end well for the candidate. We’ve also had…



Could It Be Time To Spring Clean Your CV?

So, you’ve been in your current job role for a few years now and you’re thinking of a change. The first thing you need to do is update your CV and get rid of the content that’s no longer valuable. Remove any information that no longer supports your current career goals to add valuable space.…