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Clients Preference: Loyal Employee Vs Job Hopper

Did you know that the average person in IT under the age of 30 moves jobs every 2 years and 8 months?
The major reason for the majority of people job hopping is career progression. What’s often found is a case of “dead mans shoes”; the only way to progress at their current company is if somebody leaves or dies… not exactly cheery!

From being in communication with Major Blue Chip Organisations, FTSE 100 listed business and SME’s on a daily basis, we’ve found that 95% of them will prefer to employ a loyal and trustworthy employee; one that’s been at their previous organisation for a longer period of time.

We’ve put it to the test and determined if this is always the case.
Is employing a job hopper necessarily a bad thing?

Long Term Employees:

We can all assume the benefits of employing someone who’s been at the same place for years:

  • Loyal and Trustworthy – They’re not too likely to just get up and go if they get another offer
  • Longevity – If they were at their previous employment for 5+ years, then we can safely assume that once they get comfortable they’re quite happy to commit to you long term
  • Passion for their job – They’ve not been here, there and everywhere trying every possible job title they can get their hands on; they’ve found what they love and have stuck to it

However we’ve thought of some negatives to counterpart that:

  • Limited experience: If they’ve been in the same job for years and years they’ve never tried anything new; they’ve not got as broader skill set as other potentials
  • Not seen as many situations: The more companies you’ve been in, the more scenarios you’ve been thrown into, which long term employees won’t have the experience of
  • Culture struggle: The business world is constantly changing and evolving, which means someone who’s been comfortable in the same place for a while may be “stuck” in the past

Job Hoppers:

There are more benefits of employing a certified job hopper than you might think:

  • Culture change: They’ll fit in easier and not spend too long settling in
  • Adapt quicker: People who have been in different companies understand how to adapt to different scenarios
  • Multiple scenarios: The more situations someone’s been in, the more experience they will have with challenging situations

Then of course there’s the negatives:

  • Motivation: If they’re used to moving around a lot then they might need to be kept on their toes more, but then again I’m sure employers won’t mind that so much!
  • Other opportunities: There’s always a possibility of them being approached with a better offer; does that mean they’re more likely to take it?
  • Staying power: It may be more difficult for them to want to stay in the same place for long if they’re used to moving around a lot. However if they found the organisation for them, who’s to say they don’t become a long term employee?

I don’t think we should totally write off the job hopper. Maybe it’s just what they’ve needed to do to progress?

Whatever the situation, if they’ve got the skill set, enthusiasm and motivation to do the job then let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

– Millie McCormick

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