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Contractor Procurement Process

Barclay Anderson IT RecruitmentContractor Procurement Process

Buying an individual contractor is exceedingly simple. For the buyer, the steps are as follows:-

  • Agreeing a resource specification
  • Viewing a small selection of CVs
  • Interviewing two or three candidates
  • Making an offer
  • Agreeing terms
  • Signing a contract

The price agreed is “all in” which means there are no hidden charges. We make a profit from the difference between the contractors pay rate and the client charge rate.

The contractor will normally have a limited company therefore there is no worries about PAYE and various taxes. The invoice will just show a VAT element. Invoices will be submitted with copies of timesheets that you\’ll have signed which completes the loop and the audit trail. It\’s very simple.

Of course, we have professional indemnity insurance too.

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