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Recruitment Service Levels

Barclay Anderson IT RecruitmentRecruitment Service Levels


In the main, our clients have their own service levels that they require Barclay Anderson to work to. In the event that you don’t have a standard service, you find that the following timescales are realistic, achieveable and understandable by each side of the recruitment process.

New Vacancy received from Client Zero
Acknowledgment sent to client confirming receipt 4 Hours
Internet advertising analysed and updated to reflect new vacancy Same day
Internal Recruitment Database search conducted Same day
Candidates telephoned, long-list generated Continuous
Short listed candidates identified 2 days
3 CVs prepared for dispatch to client 3 days
Feedback from client sought 4 days
Interviews arranged and confirmed 5 days


Barclay Anderson work on the basis that clients enjoy and need to be part of the final selection phase to “tune themselves in” to the vacancy and the candidate selection process, therefore we measure ourselves on 3 CVs per vacancy and securing 1 interview per 3 CVs with the final measure being 1 placement per two final interviews.

Numbers of CVs fielded per vacancy 3
Percentage of interviews to CVs 33%
Percentage of Interview to Offer 50%
Percentage offer to acceptance 90%


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