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The Rise Of The Soft Skills!



The Rise Of The Soft Skills!

As important as Technical Skills are, employers are becoming pickier in the personal attributes candidates have to offer their company. With the demand for IT Professionals growing, the candidates with the better communication skills and stronger confidence will as ever be on top.

Have you got the soft skills to secure the role?

Time keeping. Decision making. Working well under pressure. Commitment. Flexibility. Leadership. Communication skills. Team player. Accepting responsibility. Confidence. Adaptability. Strong work ethic. Positive attitude. 

It’s important to highlight any of these skills you have in your CV and at interviews, with evidence on hand to support them. Examples may not even be from the workplace; think outside the box and don’t underestimate yourself.

Technical Skills will get you the interview. Soft Skills will get you the job.

– Millie McCormick

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