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Salary Expectations: Could You Be Expecting Too Much?

Preparing for a new job can be incredibly difficult. As a Recruitment Consultancy, we do everything in our power to help make the process run as smoothly as it possibly can, from the first stage interview to the first day on the job. However there’s only so much we can help you with.

What are you expecting?

When it comes to salary, it can be tense negotiating a package that’s right for you. At our very first phone call, one of the first questions we ask is what you current salary is and what you’d be looking for in a new role. It is crucial that you are honest with a Consultant from that initial call so that they can measure your expectations and make sure you’re being put forward to the right positions that can offer you what you need. But is the figure you desire a major jump?


The average salary jump we find here at Barclay Anderson from job to job is between £3,000 to £4,000. Of course, there can be special circumstances; for example if a candidate is being severely unpaid for the experience they have, but that’s pretty rare.

What we’ve all found in our Head Office over the past couple of months is an increase in candidates who are expecting too much, who are then disappointed when an offer is presented to them.

If you are thinking of moving on and are considering what you’d be looking for in a new role, weigh up everything you’re currently gaining at work. This includes your basic salary, any bonuses and any benefits you may have – is there anything that’s a deal breaker for you?

Add all this up and think about what would be your basic minimum. And be sure you’re moving for the right reasons. Extra money is all well and good, but make sure the company is a right match for you. The worst thing you can do is to accept a job to realise half a year down the line that you don’t want to be there.

If you’re stuck, be honest with recruiters. Tell them what you’re earning and they can help find you a package that you’d be happy with. After all, we’re going to be the best to advise; it’s what we do.

– Millie McCormick

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