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The Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You

Why did you not get the job?

  • Attitude.
    In the past we’ve had a candidate at a last stage interview who has gone on to criticise the company website. It turns out the guy who was interviewing him actually designed the website, which suffice to say didn’t end well for the candidate. We’ve also had instances where candidates have disrespected previous employers and managers, which doesn’t put them in the best light.
  • Overqualified.
    I know you may have been trying to get a job for a while, and you may start to be getting desperate. However, if you start applying for roles more suitable for graduates at salaries half of what you were previously on, you may as well not bother. Employers know that as soon as something more suitable for you comes along, you’ll be out of there.
  • Personal appearance and hygiene.
    It may sound like the simplest thing in the world, but what you wear to an interview matters. You surely can’t expect to get the job if you turn up in a tracksuit without even having a shave. If you’re a female, make sure your outfit isn’t too flashy or revealing. Also I cannot state how important that last spritz of deodorant is and BRUSHING YOUR TEETH. Having smelly breath should never be a reason for not getting a job.
  • Eye contact and body language.
    Not making eye contact at a job interview can make you come across as someone who is timid and unconfident. It can also make you appear shifty or as if you have something to hide. It’s important to use open body language without coming across as overconfident. A handshake is also important. Too weak could be the difference between uploading CV’s and having a job.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

– Millie McCormick

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